Applying SILM® - "toward success & fulfilment with wellbeing"

Applying the SILM® model as a framework for coaching practice.
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Applying SILM® - "toward success & fulfilment with wellbeing"

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It may be necessary to consciously think how to deal with a particular concern, perhaps mapping out a strategic plan of action to achieve a desired goal. Whilst it is important to believe in the idea, to have the conviction that it will work, it is equally important to evaluate it first. The SILM® model can help remind you to look at things from different perspectives. Creativity, to come up with new ideas or solutions, critical analysis to assess their value.

The SILM® model is a unique framework that illustrates the mental processes that underpin our experience of being in the World. Central to the model is the SILM® "mental gearbox" with alternate "mental gears" that allow you to work with the mind in different ways. Sometimes we are quite logical and reasoned, at other times, more creative and intuitive. Usually we make such "mental shifts" quite naturally without really thinking. The appropriate gear (mental mode) may just kick in when needed. At other times, all the mental modes might work together as we enter an almost unconscious state of "flow", with hardly any conscious thought or effort. The SILM® Interactive webpage explains this in more detail.

In this way we cope with the complexity that is our World, mostly unconsciously, adapting to both established routine and new innovations. It is not possible to use the scientific method to understand how the integrated brain works, or will respond to the World in simple cause and effect terms. The only tools we have to cope with this complexity are our uniquely human skills such as creative insight, an emergent property of the human brain, the capacity to appreciate the significance of something new, and the power to analyse and apply those insights in the World.

Hitherto, psychological models such as Psychodynamic, Behaviourist, Cognitive or Humanistic, have been viewed as disparate approaches. However, from the SILM® perspective, these models reflect different aspects of the human organism and brain functioning in the World. Much of what we do is unconsciously driven, we do learn new behaviours and develop skills, and what we think about things can influence our decisions and actions. We also only exist in relationship to others and the World. Whilst the scientific method and serial processing allows us to build up evidence in understanding structure, it restricts our ability to appreciate the complexity of our Being in the World. Thus science and being are different sides of the same coin, but they require us to be flexible, able to adopt alternate perspectives to apply both logical analysis and intuitive insight, immersed in our World.
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